Onboarded 4 new tattoo artists

They found us on instagram and asked to be part of the service. We had an initial phone call with them, explained the service and what they needed to do, and then got them set up with our platform (which includes integrating with Stripe connect).

This was a great win because it's the first time that artists came to us to sign up (as opposed to us finding and pitching them).

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    Congratulations! If you can get Instagram combined with word of mouth, I think this will do great. Just curious, but how are you marketing to clients right now? A two sided marketplace is tough to pull off.

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      Thanks Jack! Instagram + word of mouth is pretty much exactly what we're going for at the moment, so I'm glad you think it will work out well!

      We haven't got any sustainable marketing strategy in place right now; the sales that we have made have all been through direct sales. We've reached out to people directly, both on Instagram and in our own networks, and convinced them to buy. This obviously isn't scalable, but it's helping us learn a lot.

      At the moment, we're getting around 500 unique users to the website, mostly through Instagram. In August, our aim will be to increase that three-fold, mostly through content marketing. We'll then work on optimising our funnel so that we can eventually reach a 2-3% conversion rate. This is all based on educated guesses (and our experience of working for similar companies) so we'll have to experiment and see what works :)

      The good thing is that we're building close relationships with the tattoo artists, and we've even been for drinks and hung out with them in social settings. They are very supportive of the business and are very willing to post about us on their Instagram pages. This takes some pressure off trying to appease the supply side of our marketplace, so we can focus more on getting customers.

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