January 11, 2020

Outseta 3 Year Update!

Geoff Roberts @GeoffRoberts

Hi Indie Hackers!

My SaaS start-up, Outseta (www.outseta.com) turned 3 years old today. I published to following update that details how much it's cost us to build the business, how we've allocated equity in the company, and the marketing strategy we've used to land our early customers. Some highlights:

  1. Our co-founding team is continuing to earn sweat equity in the business for our time invested in building Outseta.

  2. Over 3 years we've spent $66,326 to build the company.

  3. In 2019 we generated 548 new account sign-ups at an average cost of $21.25 per account.

  4. We hope to become profitable by the end of 2020!


Any questions, feel free to holler!


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