October 30, 2020

1000 registered users 😱

Piotr Bartoszek @piotrbartoszek

Quite nice milestone am I right ;)? Through last couple months we slow down with new features. What astonished me the most - number of users steadily grown day by day. Today we crossed 1k users in our database 🎉 With only two people on the board I think it’s kind a success.

Based on that we decided to add professional price plan to Owwly to start monetize the business. The next step is to launch on ProductHunt to introduce to a bigger audience.

At the end, I encourage all of you guys to introduce your product on Owwly and help us cross another barrier - 2k users ;D


  1. 1

    Hi, how did yo manage to get this number of users? What were the main channels?

  2. 1

    great work! I see my letter app there in the sidebar 😃 thanks for the feature!

    1. 1

      It's in the sidebar because users often checked this tool and our magical algorithm put it there ;)

  3. 1

    Hey Piotr, just some feedback - there a lot of these catalogues, and before I go through the bother of submiting my tools to yet another one I check the domain authority to check if it's worth it. Yours is very low. I suggest you launch on PH soon to boost it slightly, and work on other ways to increase it.

    1. 1

      Yep, totally agree. We need to gain some traction and be more attractive to potential users.