June 6, 2020

Celebrating 2nd anniversary 🎉

Piotr Bartoszek @piotrbartoszek

Like almost every morning, I’ve browsed through social media and I encountered on twitter reminder. Our small side project Owwly has 2 years!
What a weird feeling, are we so old? :) and we still want to continue the project even if it doesn’t bring us much money?

Yes - we have the same passion as at the begging of our journey 🔥. I still remember the rainy day before new year, where together with my friend, we’ve made a pivot to focus mainly on makers and creators. We wanted to help them promote their startups and side projects.

That’s what we are doing from this time. We see you in one year to celebrate another birthday 😉

p.s special thanks for the great IH community which feedback is always valuable and helpful.

Piotr & Adrian

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