September 5, 2019

How I increased newsletter’s open rate by 84%

Piotr Bartoszek @piotrbartoszek

I would like to share my thoughts about the last test on my newsletter’s group.
I tested two types of email’s title: generic and contextual one with emoji 🎉
It’s not a secret knowledge that emails perform better with emojis. Let’s have a look at my example then:

Newsletter A
Title: Top UX products from the last week
Open rate (first hour) : 69 users
Clicks: 13

Newsletter B
Title: Spark, Overflow, Scrumpy and more 🎉
Open rate (first hour) : 127 users
Clicks: 30

Lesson: Contextual title with emoji is a perfect match ❤️
If you have any other good practices with a newsletter - please share your stories :)

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