December 17, 2019

My short story behind social logins integration

Piotr Bartoszek @piotrbartoszek

Last week was so busy but we did it! We integrated Twitter as a way to login on Owwly Currently our social login wall looks pretty solid (google, facebook, twitter).
We found two things during development phase which still need to be polished. Let me share my thoughts and remarks below.

  1. Because we use firebase - we have a weird string when you trying to log in via Google. The Blackbox title is:
    “Sign in to continue to designhub- baseapp. com” I don’t want to have such a string 😭 Looks like crap. We need to find a way to display only the website name in the title.
  2. Photo of users, who logged in via Twitter and Facebook, have poor quality. Probably we getting a very small image from the provider and we can’t do much in this area. Or maybe we can? Does someone have the same problem?
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