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Decide when emails hit your inbox.

Use personalised or anonymous Paced Email addresses to buffer yourself from messages until you want them. Batch by day, week or month into convenient digests.

October 22, 2021 v2.0 launched

As a lot of you may know, I've been hard at work over the last few months improving Paced Email. Being a solo developer with two young kids has made it extra challenging, but I'm confident you'll love the result.

So without further ado, meet Paced Email 2.0!

New branding
The first significant change you'll notice is the shiny new look and feel. I'm particularly proud of the logo. Can you see the subtle hourglass shape within the envelopes?

Multi-account support
You can now create as many independent team accounts as you like. Invite and manage members to allow them to receive digests or help administrate your aliases. Recipients are now your team members, and they can be set per alias as required once invited to your account.

Cleaner interface
I've given every page in the app some deep thought to iron out imperfections and make everything as simple as possible. New features should be super simple to add moving forwards.

Browser extension updates
The Chrome, Firefox and Safari add-ons have been completely refreshed. New features include:

Alias deletion via the popup
Right-click context menus to insert freshly generated aliases into input fields
Email input field icon to quickly create email addresses on the go
iOS 15 iPhone and iPad Safari support (soon)
Install for free here →

Monthly plan added
If you wish to subscribe to Premium to remove account limits, you may now opt to pay monthly instead of just annually. Stripe checkout portal is now in place for managing your subscriptions with ease. So cancelling and moving between monthly and annual is now super simple.

Get two months free when you choose annual billing. A 25% discount is also available to students and nonprofits.

See pricing and plans →

DNS settings improvement
When adding your domains to Paced Email, the instructions for setting up the required DNS updates are now more straightforward to understand.

Inline support
If you need help while using Paced Email, there are now inline help links and a knowledge base to find answers to your questions. You can contact me directly via the product too. 👋

Squashed bugs
As you can imagine, running an email service is demanding. That said, I've ironed out several rare edge case bugs, all while boosting overall performance and stability.

What's next?
Now that this epic v2 release has launched, I'll return to my usual development speed. I aim to work through the roadmap and address all your kind suggestions.

Please take a look around and let me know what you think!

August 8, 2020 Mozilla approved my Firefox web extension

After realising the Google Chrome web browser extension I recently made (using VueJS and TailwindCSS) was compatible with Firefox, I submitted it for review.

Today it was approved and can be found here:

August 6, 2020 Added custom domain support

Shortly after launching earlier this year, I knew I eventually wanted to support custom domains.

Thankfully, I put in some groundwork several months ago, which allowed me to get this highly requested feature built this week.

If you're familiar with Paced Email, you will know that the general email format for your account is: [email protected]

Read the full blog post here

July 30, 2020 Released Google Chrome extension

Version one had the following self-imposed specifications:

  • Allow users to sign in
  • Present a list of existing email aliases
  • Enable copying of aliases to the clipboard
  • Create new inboxes on the fly

Here's a quick demo of the new Paced Email Google Chrome extension.

July 27, 2020 Email triage functionality

Launched 27th July 2020

This new functionality will allow users to build custom workflows for their inbound emails. Think "if this, then that" type of trigger/action.


If [subject line] [contains] [sales]

Then [forward to] [[email protected]]

May 2020 Added username only, catch-all aliases

Currently, email aliases require a username and an inbox.



Some users have been omitting the inbox name leading to uncaught emails.


Allow to work. I propose messages to inbox-less emails fall into a "catch-all" / "nameless" inbox.

May 2020 Added custom scheduling settings

Added the ability to set when exactly Paced Email sends out digests. This is achieved via the inbox settings page.

  • Hour of day for daily digests
  • Hour of day and day of the week for weekly digests
  • Hour of day and day of the month for monthly digest
February 17, 2020 Gained the first paying subscriber!

After being repeatedly asked to add a means of paying for the service, I finally added Stripe. Shortly after, Paced Email gained it's first paying customer. Since then, the feedback was to charge more, which was also suggested by Patrick McKenzie (patio11)!

January 24, 2020 Finished the free MVP

After a few weekends developing the idea, I released a free version of Paced Email.

My aim was to get the app into the hands of people that might find it useful and gather initial feedback as quickly as possible. I have a list of potential ideas to expand upon, but think it's worth waiting until the initial launch dust has settled!

Which sites would you use Paced Email on?


Decide when emails hit your inbox.

Use personalised or anonymous Paced Email addresses to buffer yourself from messages until you want them. Batch by day, week or month into convenient digests.