August 20, 2019

Started coding app in the train

Yura Kriachko @Yura

I was traveling on a train from the business trip and had a lot of free time. So decided, why not to give it a shot. I will try to write a tool that would help me in my day-to-day routines. At that time I was involved in two projects, in both of them, I had a flexible schedule. The only issue was that I needed to track my time precisely to know how much to bill for each project.

I was using Toggl to track the time, and it was an absolute nightmare for me, often I forget to track some hours, and had to painfully restore the records from my memory, calendar events and chat messages.
I knew about automatic time trackers like Rescue Time, but they would not split the time into projects.

Having a Data Science background I thought that it would be quite achievable to write an automatic tracker that would learn from the categories I enter (project names in this case) and would automatically split my timesheets by my projects.

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