January 17, 2020

New website version (v3)

Karen @keyserfaty

After giving it some thought it seemed to me that it was time to refresh the website. The old version didn't explain our most important features clearly enough.
I'm a bit scared that the landing page is now overly promising and the truth is at least 1 or 2 features are still a work in progress. But I thought it would be a good way to validate the roadmap for the next month.

How do you feel about the new landing page?
Do you understand what we do?
Do you need a tool like this?

Website: https://www.palabra.io/?ref=indie

  1. 2

    I don't know what you do, there's a lot of talk about connecting apps but I don't know what benefits are being offered.

    I don't think I understand what it is that makes you such a good tool.

    There are lots and lots of ways of syncing data between tools, I can almost always go to Zapier if needed.

    1. 1

      Hey, thanks for the feedback. We just updated some of the text on the page. Could you take a look and see if it's more clear now?

      1. 1

        Still miles away.

        Try this as an exercise, open up PPT or Google Slides and try to answer these on each slide but you are only allowed ONE image and a limited amount of text per slide, forget the design just focus on answering each question.

        • What problem do you solve?
        • How do you solve it?
        • What makes you bettttter/awweeeesome?
        • Other benefits/problems you solve?
        • What do I need to do next?

        Pet peeve of mine, I'm all on Office 365, I see soo many apps that focus entirely on G Suite and exclude 365 so you are already ruling out a pretty large user base.

        1. 1

          Hey, thank you very much. Your comments have been very useful. Would you mind taking a look again? https://www.palabra.io/?ref=indie

  2. 1

    Your page title needs more text on it :) That's the title you'll have on your Google SERPs, social media shares ... And all it has now is "palabra".

  3. 1

    How do you feel about the new landing page?
    Looks pretty standard. The white space is a bit all over the place, feels like nothing is aligned vertically as it should. Also I don't like that the hero text keeps changing, I start reading it and then it suddenly disappears.
    Also the stripe/hubspot logos look like buttons, they have a similar flat style to the "create account" button.

    Do you understand what we do?

    Send an email to subscribers who are on a free plan
    Not really.
    I assume it's an email marketing tool, where you can send emails to specific segments, but I don't understand what's the USP (unique selling point).

    Do you need a tool like this?
    Not yet, I only need to send newsletters when I make updates to my mailing list, I don't understand how palabra helps me more with that than MailChimp already does.

    1. 1

      Hey, I really appreciate your comments. I made some changes based on some of the feedback. Would you take a look? https://www.palabra.io/?ref=indie

  4. 1

    The above the fold section is pretty barebones and has no visuals, so that could certainly be improved. The CTA is also kinda confusing, maybe go with a more standard one. Also Breffni has a great point, you should try and focus more on what differentiates your service from others.

    1. 1

      Hey, thank you very much. The hero section has a visual actually, I'm wondering if you are seeing the same thing that I am. In any case, we made some big changes on the landing page over the weekend, would you care to take a look? https://www.palabra.io/?ref=indie

      1. 1

        Seems like on medium width you can't see the illustration on the right. The explainers are way better now and i think the whole page communicates information more clearly now.

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