January 13, 2020

First product on Indie Hackers

Thomas Hourlier @hourlier

This is a big milestone for me and Papinette: it is the first time I share a side project that I am proud of. I am also totally new to the growth world and slightly uncomfortable but excited to receive user feedback from non-friend and family (yet 😄).

I have been using Papinette for a couple of months and it solves a pain point I had for years.
I love cooking and baking. I even challenged myself to cook something new every weekend for my family! Like most of us, when I don't have inspiration, I go to a very famous recipe website and pick something new to try.
Couple of days or weeks later, I usually cook the same thing again and try to improve it. The thing is, I can never remember what went wrong the first time? Was it too salty? Was my cake eggy? Was my béchamel too liquid? You name it!
Keeping track of this is really hard and taking concrete actions on those critiques is even harder.

Because of my personal interest into cooking, baking and tech, I decided to build a tool to solve this pain point. While Papinette keeps track of all your recipes, it most importantly enables the holy feedback loop cycle in your kitchen: cook it, eat it, leave critiques, improve it, cook it again.

Feel free to check it out and let me know what you think.


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