December 24, 2019

Launched our app Parsers in Shopify!

Halina Makeeva @HalinaMakeeva

It has been a long month in review. It is worth saying that we had to sacrifice some functionality and convenience, but we still ended up in the store. We took the first strategic step to release our application on such platforms, plans to connect another 10 in the next half year.
The start was made precisely from our client, who, half a year ago, outlined a quite logical user case to us, how we can use our technology in conjunction with such sites. After that there were several months of review, many new requests from customers and we decided to move in this direction.

About Shopify store and our app:

The scenario is quite simple and clear, customers want to automate the unloading of goods from suppliers' websites and import into Shopify or another site. Now we can safely say that you do not need to update prices every day, track products from suppliers, but just set up our tool 1 time, put a mark-up and get thousands of products in your store. Engage in sales, not manual red tape.

Our Shopify App:

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