October 28, 2019

We're at the Starta Ventures Accelerator in NY

Eugene Hurynovich @ehurynovich

Parsers was selected at the Starta Ventures accelerator Batch#8 in New York and are now participating in the program.
We met a lot of interesting advisers, investors and clients in 3 weeks, and 2 months ahead.
We will be happy to meet you in New York if you are interested in a partnership or just talk.
Every Thursday we perform on the pitch contest in Starta, we invite everyone.

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    How do you like the program so far?

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      We have not been here for a very long time, but certain results are already there. Here a good network of contacts allows you to find customers.

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        Good to hear. All the best

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    This comment was deleted 8 months ago.

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      Thank you!
      Yep, you right, we will change it.