August 19, 2019

Break even!

Jared Wolff @jaredwolff

Hardware requires a ton of up front investment. By being as frugal as possible, I was able to build a whole batch of boards and nearly sell them all!

When I mean build, I mean hand assembling every single one. It takes a ton of time. It's a labor of love and eventually I'd like to make it more of an automated process. (Ideally having a contract manufacturer take over until I can buy the equipment myself!)

I'm quite excited for the potential of getting more exposure to this product. Though it's barebones I hope it helps people build their own projects! 😊

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    Nice! How many boards did you need to sell to breakeven?

    1. 1

      Hi Rosie!

      It was about 12 sales in total. This also includes some sales for the particle sensor that gets attached to the Particle Squared. 😊

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