September 2, 2019

Wrote More Than 1000 Words A Day

Jared Wolff @jaredwolff

One of the most important things I keep hearing from many successful folks is to be consistent. Sometimes I've really owned the idea. Sometimes, I've gone way off the rails. This past week though was the first in a while where I really made some strides.

The main goal was to write 1000 words a day toward completing the content in my Ultimate Guide to Particle Mesh ( Writing technical content, as many of you know, requires lots of research and time beyond the writing.

I'm quite excited to get my guide out in the world and hopefully make some well deserved money from it. In the meantime I strive to create content that I can share with my growing list. That way I'm not a stranger when it comes launch time.

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Today's Top Milestones
  • 500 paid members!
    The Ness Labs paid community just crossed 500 members! ![Ness Labs crosses 500 paid members](
  • Sold site on Flippa for $2,005
    I bought this site over a year ago for about $800. When I bought the site last year, the previous owner had a policy where vendors could get approved
  • Gathered our first 10 Users & Experts
    Yesterday we launched our landing pages and as of today we just gathered our first 20 prospective clients. We started off having more experts than use
  • $8743 in Sales after PH Launch
    We have launched on Product Hunt last Monday. We have finished the day in 2nd place. So far the response has been amazing. Here are some sta
  • Theme Limpid
    If you are looking for the best Multi-purpose and Multi-Niche odoo theme without e-commerce features on Odoo Store, then here is the solution. Theme L
  • Secret Settings
    Secrets is the new feature in Stadium. Any data marked as a secret in Stadium remains your data and is not stored in the application file (or better k
  • Launched Contentago 📑
    As some of you may know, I launched Consultily around 6 months ago, an on-demand platform where SaaS companies can hire myself as a SaaS marketing con
  • Twitter Launch
    Now on Twitter. Not a huge response on LinkedIn - 3 likes and a single comment. Just keeping plugging away, getting these bits in place and slowly try
  • We're hitting targets fast!
    Today we hit our 500 members target in our PHP community & close to 1,000 (969) for the HTML community, with the CSS community at 753. Not bad for our
  • Crossed $50k in total revenue
    Finally, after almost 18 months, visalist has achieved a new milestone, crossed $50K in total revenue. This is also when the revenue started to pick u