October 8, 2019

Launched a free plan

Valentin Staykov @valentin

We've wanted to add a free plan for a long time, but as a bootstrapped startup we wanted to make sure we're building a product people would be willing to pay for.

After 2 years of doing just that, we had enough data to be confident that people want to pay for Pastel, as well as what would make a free plan useful while not cannibalizing our existing users. We settled on a time limit for canvases - from our data we saw that most feedback was left within 8 hours of creating a feedback link.

We tried this with existing users, and quickly found that even though our data showed 8 hours should be enough for most people, that just felt too short to be confident to share with someone to get feedback. So, we listened to our users and bumped that limit up to 24 hours and have now publicly launched the free plan - it's the currently the main CTA on our site. We're still testing, so things may change in the future, but we're really excited about the possibilities!