Launching: API-Based Workflow Automation Platform

We've been working on our Automation platform for over a year and today, we are ready to let early adopters in. (link: https://pathfix.com/automation )

The Pathfix Automation platform has been built as an 'open' system to simplify integration. Here's how it would work:

  1. Add as many API calls you want
  2. use the output from the previous call, into any of the subsequent calls
  3. add dynamic fields to the api call inputs
  4. link them all together into a workflow

If you want to try the API based system, join the waitlist and add ‘IH’ in the comments. We will push you up on the list and I will personally reach out to you and get your thought :)

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    Super keen to try this out. Im in the process of putting together my first SAAS and I know enough to know there are plenty of APIs that already do the functions I want, I just need to sort them out into the workflow I want. Zapier wasnt the answer, too rigid and linear, I need to manipulate the data and access multiple APIs to get what I want done.

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      @redfez Thats great and is precisely what Pathfix Workflow will let you do. Sign up and and I'll be sure to get you access earlier :)

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