Released Social Login! 🚨

Exciting new update from Pathfix: You can now add social login buttons to your existing identity module!!

Social logins is part of our new Extension module. Users can now add social login buttons to their existing login modules and offer their end-users the ability to login using their social platform credentials.

Users will receive a ready to use code that they just have to insert on their page, no additional coding required.

Read more here: https://pathfix.com/social-login/

Link to our documentation page: https://docs.pathfix.com/single-sign-on-sso-social-login

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    It would be nice if you can me your website mobile friendly. Its cirrently unusable on mobile.

    1. 1

      Thanks @pranaysingh we are working on the building a mobile friendly dashboard which will mostly be just tracking, since the actual implementation on your code base will still need you to be on a desktop

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