A simple daily routine for health, happiness, and growth.

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We created Peerless to do two important things:

  1. Get people to spend less time on the phones, overall.

  2. Harness the phone to give people a private space for positive reflection.

November 22, 2021 We are in the app store for Thanksgiving!

Screenshots and store descriptions. Final bugs fixed. Compromises. Gratitude.

We have submitted the apps and they are now available! The website is up and we have a new cut of our intro video.

Our Twitter account is spreading love and gratitude (@peerless_app)

Peerless is free and private, and I'm so excited to see people starting to use it.

If you've ever wanted to journal or have a gratitude practice, but it didn't stick, Peerless is for you.




September 29, 2021 Round of User Interviews Completed and New Video!

Got tons of great feedback on the first round of user interviews and updates to the app are underway. We were excited that there were no significant usability issues, just a lot of healthy opinions about how it should work.

Learning from early users isn't just informing changes to functionality, but also changes to the messaging to draw in other users. Users are better at defining the problem as the see it.

In order to capture the feeling, I created a promo video to feature on website and to post on social media.

Find us here is you'd like to sign up for the beta:

August 25, 2021 Started Beta Testing (6 days early!)

It doesn't have all the feature I want. It's got a couple bugs and and a few things that I know I would change, but it's time. It's time to put it to the test. Will people understand how to use it? Will people want to use it? What type of person will it resonate with and why?

These questions could be answered before we did more work so it was time.

I am so happy to have the first cohort of beta testers installing the app.

If you are interest in getting in on future cohorts and having a chance to influence this product (and yourself!), sign up here:

August 17, 2021 Gratitude Express. Beginning beta testing Aug 31!

How do you express gratitude?

Social science tells us nothing increases happiness more than expressing gratitude, but most of us struggle to find a good, private, consistent way to remember to do it.

Peerless is a simple 5 minute morning routine that helps you set aside distractions, express gratitude, and set a firm intention and habits.

We need 85 more testers to reach our goal for the first round of beta testing. We're starting with iOS and English language to start (Android and other major languages coming soon), and while we don't have all the features we'd want, we have enough to get solid feedback and start improving people's lives.

We're asking beta testers to use the app for 5 minutes a day for 2 weeks, and then answer a short survey about your experience.

All data is stored privately on your device and never touches the cloud. You deserve a private space to reflect and be free from advertisers and trackers.

Will you please sign up to become a beta user? We ask because we want to make this the most helpful app on your phone, and we need your feedback.

Sign up here:

I am so grateful for everyone's help.

June 30, 2021 Launched Site to Get Feedback and Find Beta Users

We'll be launching a new app soon. We have just a few alpha users right now, but as we prepare to go to a larger audience, we wanted to measure interest and begin to collecting emails for our next round of beta testing.

Peerless is very important to me and the culmination of years spent refining a personal process for well being and productivity. I am very excited to share it with the world.

I've written a manifesto that can be found here:

If this type of product resonates with you, I hope you'll sign up to become a beta user.


We created Peerless to do two important things:

  1. Get people to spend less time on the phones, overall.

  2. Harness the phone to give people a private space for positive reflection.