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I did not find any tools to monitor tiktok users thus i built my own :)

June 2, 2020 5000 sign-ups

Almost 9 months after MVP, we have more than 5000 signups on Pentos. We have around 100 signups per day for the last couple of weeks.

Most of the sign-ups are not our targeted customers. They come from your SEO magnet link, our free tools.

But around 20% of it is qualified customers.

It might be pure vanity metrics and we should focus on qualified audience

February 3, 2020 Say hello to free trials, goodbye free plan

After a busy month of January, where we had a lot of questions about our product pentos, and asking for demo/free trials. We have finally implemented free trials, but we have removed the free account, most of our free accounts don’t convert to paying customers. It’s mainly teenagers who want to track their friends tik tok accounts.

Also with our new pricing you can have access to more parts of the platform. You can use your tracker to track anything you want. On the other hand our free trials required a credit card.

Hopefully it will drive more qualified accounts.

December 12, 2019 Released more free Tiktok tools


In order to generate growth and more inbound traffic, I have released to new free tools on my website

The first is a tiktok post engagement rate calculator :

And the second one is a user engagement rate calculator :

Hopefully it will bring us tons of traffic and new users

December 9, 2019 First Top 10 list blog posts :)

It's the end of the year top 10 season then we have posted our first top 10 blog post.

It should be helpful to drive traffic to our website and increase SEO

Let me know what you think of it :)

December 6, 2019 Make your tiktok videos look good on twitter

Have you ever tried to share a tiktok video on twitter ? It doesn't look good or you have to download the video in-app then sharing it. 🤮

Then i have released a free tool to wrap a tiktok video with twitter card. You can now easily embedded your tiktok video on twitter with just a link

November 21, 2019 Change our Pricing

We had a lof of feedback about how relatively low our pricing was.

Thus we have decided to change our pricing and increase the price.

Our mid tier plan goes from 19€ -> 29 € and our high tier plan from 49€->99€

Hopefully it will generate more revenue and increase our sales.

October 23, 2019 Hunted on Product Hunt

Pentos has just been hunted on Product Hunt.

I was working when i started to see some incoming connection from producthunt.

At first I didnt why but couple of minutes later i have received a really nice email :
" I'm absolutely loving this tool! Thanks for making such efforts in building an awesome tool, I am sure this is going to be big one day :)

And guess what! I have submitted your tool on Product Hunt! If you are on Product Hunt, please let me know so I can add you as a Maker over there."

I wasnt expecting a launch on product hunt at this time, i m not super prepared for it.

But it's super GREAT

October 4, 2019 Pentos just got featured on BetaList

Boom Shakalaka!

Almost 3 weeks after i submited Pentos on Betalist, Pentos just got featured on BetaList

Hopefully we will get a bit of exposure and get more subscribers.

We have quite a long road ahead of us, but I'm confident that we are on the right path.

September 20, 2019 Tiktok Hashtag/Challenge Monitoring released

A week after the released of our MVP, and really good feedback you can now monitor hashtag/challenge on pentos.

It will give you useful insights. You are now able to track the daily number of views and the daily number of posts.

Soon we will display the most engaging content for your hashtag.

Stay tuned !

I did not find any tools to monitor tiktok users thus i built my own :)