December 23, 2019

Introducing Design Systems

Alex Lareo @alex_lareo

One of the benefits of redoing both the logical structures and the data and join everything together is that implementing something like design systems become almost easy.

We have implemented a complete design system that right now includes: colors, fonts and styles. In the future we will expand it to assets, actions, animation presets and choreographies.

Colors can be created ad-hoc or just saved directly from the color pop up, and can be named and be arbitrarily organized between primary, accent and color swatches. If you redefine a color, everywhere this color is used will be instantly updated.

Every saved color will appear inside the color popup.

Fonts work pretty much the same, but additionally, the saved fonts will always be displayed first in the fonts pup. Because if you did define a font, you'll probably want to use it right?

You can define graphical or Text styles.

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