December 22, 2019

Introducing Tapiz.

Alex Lareo @alex_lareo

Briefly, Tapiz ( Spanish word for tapestry ) is the framework we have developed and on which persP beta is built upon.

Tapiz is an extremely small javascript library that can connect/subscribe any number of objects or object properties or variables (threads) to an arbitrary number of other objects, variables or HTML nodes (other threads). Like a tapestry. If any of the connected values changes, all its connections are instantly updated. Think of it as our own version of a react + redux combo absolutely optimized for persP. It's not really based on them, but functionality-wise works quite similar.

We have created it to solve one of the biggest issues the Alpha version had. Reliable, automatic connections between the input or dropdown controls of the interface and the nodes in the canvas. Accidentally it also solves in a dead-simple way team updates via socket connections.

The system works great and it's extremely fast and responsive. It works so well in fact that we keep smiling like idiots when we test it :)

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