December 20, 2019

Now we are a company: Jeekjee Project

Alex Lareo @alex_lareo

So today we have filled the legal papers and we have created a Company to keep developing persP.

My new partners are :
Josemi that has been by far the first persP supporter and client. He continuously encouraged us to keep working and let us use his office space for free.

And Ivan, that for some strange reason decided to come working with me and since then has always patiently suffered my poor coding practices, and all the crazy stuff I want to do.

The company is called JeekJee Project. Which is a clearer way to write Jikji (That was how I called the software I wrote before persP' s original version).

FYI: Jikji was the first book ever printed using moveable metal types. Almost a century before Gutenberg's Bible.

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