December 22, 2019

Ok, We have decided to start over. Again

Alex Lareo @alex_lareo

After fighting to maintain the alpha version and struggling with it, now that we have the chance to do it right, we have decided to completely rewrite the core and start over.

Some background first: Alpha grow was completely organic. We incorporated functionality as we needed it, so we improvised a lot. Basically we learn by developing real projects with it. Those projects along with projects developed in React, plain javascript or even Wordpress ... helped to pay the bills and our salaries before the investment. That means that we couldn't really focus full time in persP as we would have liked to do.

Now the time to fix all those design decisions and make it rock solid has come.

The first thing we're going to change is the object format. The alpha version relied mostly on arrays of objects. Now, We plan to move everything to objects of objects. That way We will get rid of as many loops as we can.