December 23, 2019

Yippee ki-yay! The new interface zooms!

Alex Lareo @alex_lareo

First of all:
We have started implementing the new interface and it looks great. Dark but great. We will keep improving it over time. It's a refreshing visual change from the Alpha.

Everything is different now, ie, We have added new collapsible 4/3 to 1 controls for border-radius, rotation, and text padding (!).
And many, many more things. We even have wireframe view!

and then ... Zoom:
One of the biggest compromises We made on the Alpha version was that you could not zoom on the design. You were always forced to work at 100%.

On one side, 100% is good because you are always working in the final size and no surprises will come when tested on different devices.

On the other side, yes, as much as I like to work 100%, sometimes you just need to be able to zoom on your design.