July 2, 2020

Open metrics June

Daniel Díez @danidr

June was the first month running Phoenix Down. It has been an emotional rollercoaster and I want to share some numbers:

💰 Revenue numbers

  • Made $8 in Amazon affiliate commissions
  • Spent $35 on Ghost monthly subscription
  • Spent $57 on a Ghost template
  • Spent $7 on a domain

Total: a $91 loss

📊 Stats

  • 46 email subscribers
  • 3 stories published
  • 1,573 visitors

Hope next month gets better!

  1. 2

    Hey man, just keep pushing forward!

  2. 1

    Wow how are you getting so many visitors?

    1. 1

      Got a big spike when launching first story thanks to featuring someone like Ben Tossel. It was on the front page of HN for some minutes

  3. 1

    What's your revenue model?

    1. 1

      There are 3 ways I see it making more money:

      • There's a monthly/yearly subscription implemented to get access to premium content and resources. It's something that I need to work on.
      • Sponsors (newsletter/blog). I'll have to reach out to more companies willing to sponsor my content, but first impressions are less than 1,000 subs is too little for them.
      • Affiliates (apart from Amazon, got affiliate links to Webflow, Carrd, Integromat, and Secret)
Today's Top Milestones
  • Monday.com App Approved 👍
    Monday launched their own marketplace and I thought it's a good place to submit an app and get some users. The review process was a little long. It to
  • Product Demo 🎉
    George and I have been working hard behind the scenes on PriceWell.io. We defined the MVP back in late November 2020 but the functionality required fo
  • 100 Sign Ups
    Started with a soft posting in marketing-related Facebook Groups with asking to comment to get an invitation. It resulted in a hundred comments so far
  • What's enough validation?
    An audience to launch to is makes you: a) iteration cycle shorter b) odds that you'll succeed higher Despite wanting what I'm building myself I figure
  • $10k MRR
    Not much more to report here - just time and patience. Continuing to provide good customer support and letting the word spread. Operating as a side bu
  • Dev Resources featured on Indie Drops newsletter
    The issue #0008 of the Indie Drops newsletter features Dev Resources. Indie Drops reached 1000 newsletter subscribers, and for celebrating the milesto
  • Dev Resources debuts on YouTube
    Traffic coming from YouTube, for the first time, meant that Dev Resources reached another milestone: it was being featured on Adrian Twarog's channel.
  • [email protected] is out!
    ⚡️ `request-libcurl` is extremely stable HTTP request NPM module built on top of `libcurl` with retries, timeouts and callback API - 🤘 HTTP/3 support
  • Incorporated!
    Just incorporated SurveySays, Inc. Until now, this project was being subsumed by my umbrella LLC. But I wanted to keep open the possibility of raising
  • Finished Stripe Integration
    Finally finished my first Stripe integration for ThreadMaker. Tested on development a lot but for real world usage, I have to publish the latest versi