July 2, 2020

Open metrics June

Daniel Díez @danidr

June was the first month running Phoenix Down. It has been an emotional rollercoaster and I want to share some numbers:

💰 Revenue numbers

  • Made $8 in Amazon affiliate commissions
  • Spent $35 on Ghost monthly subscription
  • Spent $57 on a Ghost template
  • Spent $7 on a domain

Total: a $91 loss

📊 Stats

  • 46 email subscribers
  • 3 stories published
  • 1,573 visitors

Hope next month gets better!

  1. 2

    Hey man, just keep pushing forward!

  2. 1

    Wow how are you getting so many visitors?

    1. 1

      Got a big spike when launching first story thanks to featuring someone like Ben Tossel. It was on the front page of HN for some minutes

  3. 1

    What's your revenue model?

    1. 1

      There are 3 ways I see it making more money:

      • There's a monthly/yearly subscription implemented to get access to premium content and resources. It's something that I need to work on.
      • Sponsors (newsletter/blog). I'll have to reach out to more companies willing to sponsor my content, but first impressions are less than 1,000 subs is too little for them.
      • Affiliates (apart from Amazon, got affiliate links to Webflow, Carrd, Integromat, and Secret)
Today's Top Milestones
  • $250,000 in mentor payouts!
    It's a bit crazy to even think about, but I ran the numbers today and had to get into some pretty old payment accounts – but looks like with this mont
  • Sent "Building Relationships" Email
    Yesterday I sent the second email to the SaaS Manual list. It now has 705 subscribers 🎉 This email covered the importance of building relationships w
  • Just got featured!
    We're incredibly happy to say that Panelbear just got featured on Product Hunt! This is an important milestone for us as I it marks the transition fro
  • Launch on ProductHunt
    We launched Channels on ProductHunt. Hopefully it's going to bring a significant traffic boost, as well as, many people who'll leave valuable feedback
  • Added RSS support
    Other We added RSS support: instead of rendering only an HTML page from a template, we render also an XML file in RSS format. It helps with integratio
  • The weekly newsletter is live!
    Now that the article forum is live on the homepage for almost a month, and also a little traffic finds autonews.io it started to make sense to pick th