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Raised a $1.2m seed round

After we completed Techstars we raised a $1.2m seed round from Active Capital and Birchmere Ventures. We were really excited to raised this round of funding because we knew it would allow us to hire great people and keep our momentum after Techstars.

Here's the article from Techcrunch: https://techcrunch.com/2017/12/07/phonewagon-raises-1-2m-to-track-when-marketing-campaigns-lead-to-phone-calls/

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    Hi, Ryan. Saw this now and got curious to know what happened after.

    1. How many people did you hire? Could you talk about first hires and their positions?
    2. Did you and your co-founders started taking a salary right after the seed round?
    3. Started investing in paid marketing right away or invested in organic?

    I was wondering online what happens after the seed round and would be curious to hear a little more about your experience. Cheers

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