Got the idea

This was a serendipitous moment. Since my main job right now is freelance app engineering, I do a lot of "take a screenshot and send it over to the designers." This can take a WHILE when you're dealing with 10+ megabyte retina PNG images, so I'd hacked together an Automator workflow to convert and shrink the screenshots to 1400 square JPG files for me.

On 1/14 Adam Wathan tweeted that there should be an easy/beautiful GUI solution for this. A lot of people replied that they had the Automator solution set up, which I took as validation that a lot of people had this problem though it was also a warning sign that devs could solve it for themselves easily. All the same, I figured this would be a fun weekend project that I could throw in the app store as the first step on my "Stair Step Bootstrapping" journey.

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