I was beat to market. Not giving up.

Catching up on a week of old ProductHunt newsletters, I found out that I was (of course) not the only person who saw @adamwathan's tweet and that I was totally beat to market AND beat to launching on ProductHunt by an app called Lens.

I was really disheartened by this and almost gave up on the entire project. But, I'm not giving up for a few reasons:

  1. The prototype is already done, the domain is bought, the Apple developer account is applied for. At this point the expected value of giving up and guaranteeing zero sales is definitely lower than just pressing "release" and risking zero sales.

  2. Looking at Lens, I think that I bring a couple unique differentiators to the game. My app lives in your menubar, so it's always ready to go without having to remember to launch it. My app is also under 10MB because I wrote it in native Swift+Cocoa while theirs is almost 10x that size. Finally, my app also adds the ability to resize your images while you convert them.

  3. I need to break out of the mindset that "everything I make must be revolutionary and unique." This is a tiny photo utility app, not the foundation of a trillion dollar company. It is ok if someone else ALSO makes a tiny photo utility app. There is probably enough room for two tiny photo utility apps in the world.

So I'm going to carry forward, finish and launch the app, and at least be able to say that I took an idea from start to app store by myself. The one thing I am going to do, though, is rename the app. "Convertify," I've decided, sounds too much like a hot 2002 startup. "Photo Tamer" is clearer in it's purpose and fits more with the 2020 aesthetic of app names.

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