August 26, 2019

1K+ monthly users


Retrospectively it wasn’t too hard. Although at times I fell demotivated to continue. I wrote about 10 articles explaining different concepts in programming while trying to create a website. Almost 90-95% of the traffic comes from google. One of the things that i did to help me stay motivated was to share my analytics with a friend and try to compete who can drive more traffic :)

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Today's Top Milestones
  • Update #6 - 600 Active Users
    We reached a new milestone: 600 Active Users. Last week we our landing page got covered in the Tailwind Weekly newsletter. This resulted in 10 new use
  • Update 4: Finding time to write is hard
    Here's my weekly update. **1) What did I work on last week?** ✅ Considered how to best use the time I have in any given week. This is difficult, becau
  • Update 4: No new revenue and a quiet week
    While my previous update was very positive, last week was a quiet week, and unfortunately, I didn't get much done. 1) What did we work on last week? ✅