September 10, 2019

Listed in the GitHub Marketplace

Mike Rogers @MikeRogers0

I opened my email at 6am, there was an email with the subject line "PigCI has been approved for the GitHub Marketplace". I was ecstatic!

I had applied to be listed as an unverified listing the previous week, which meant I could be listed in the marketplace (So easy discoverability) but couldn't charge until I reach 100 users.

That afternoon I put together a list of things I thought I needed to help me reach 100 users. Mostly I intended to focus on the following things:

  1. Fix small annoyances If I could remove a click or avoid a user having to configure something, I'd do it.
  2. Build landing pages - The product is helpful, but getting people to try is difficult. I need to build out key pages explaining the benefits.
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