August 23, 2019

Hit 150 Members

Steve @HypeCrux

Although this isn't the product I want to make(and its just a slack group) its a great start to validate the full concept which I will soon share with IH and PigeonHack.
I have brute-forced my way to this moment which in my mind is the best way to get your first users. Scrape and crawl for traction and poke and prod different communities to see who's responsive. This should be the fun part of your journey. Let me know if you need to get unstuck or need some help.

Currently at 158 members going strong.

Methods used so far:
-getting in contact with Indiehackers who follow me. Thanks to all those who have hopped on thus far.

-Cold Twitter Messaging

-Cold LinkedIn Messaging.

-Reddit once in a while.

Planning on:

-Hitting the YC SUS forum and Hacker News.

Let me know if you want to see the script, content for these or need any help with yours?

Please feel free to join us!

I really need more Marketing (All aspects) help and Idea Generators but all are welcome no matter where you're at in your product journey.

Join Here:

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