January 11, 2020

Complete Server Upgrade and Why I Love Python

Brian @sonicrocketman

This is pretty technical, but up till now Pine.blog has been running off of Django 1.11 LTS which is going out of support in April and DRF 3.6 which is 3 years out of date. I’ve largely avoided upgrading major versions because it can be a major pain and I was using an LTS anyway so it wasn’t out of support.

However with April coming fast, I decided to take the plunge and upgrade Django, Celery, DRF, and much more to the latest versions (the latest LTS for Django).

Upgrading was still a pain and took time away from feature-development but it’s a necessary thing to do. All in all since the Python Web community marches in step with Django, upgrading Pine.blog far less painful than I was expecting and the new version went live last week. With that out of the way it’s time to get back to features!

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