January 12, 2020

Came up with the idea

Filipp @mdfk

Actually I think I came up with the idea sooner, but I considere buying a domain as a starting point for this product. I bought a domain lying in a bed during one of my travels.

For a long time I wished that there would be a directory of all the good places for coffee/lunch/breakfast or anything else. Usual travel scenario was like that:

  1. Google "best places for coffee <city name>"
  2. Go through multiple articles "10 top places for coffee in <city name>"
  3. Pick one, check how far it is from you. Too far, pick another one.

Recently Google Maps introduced handy feature where everybody can share and follow lists which partially solves the problem. What is missing is the content.

I've noticed that the best source of good place recommendations are locals -- they check them often and are up-to-date with what's new in a city. This came to me when I was giving a tour around my city when my friends visited me.

That's how idea for Pinezki was born -- a place where everybody can add their recommended spots and where everybody can get best spots to discover in a new city.

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