October 21, 2019

Did over $100,000 in SyncSpider Launch in 72 hours

Udit Goenka @uditgoenka

🔥Build a solid product.
🔥Start your pre-marketing 6 months prior.
🔥Build loyal beta users.
🔥Offer something special to your beta users.
🔥Turn your beta users into your brand ambassador.
🔥 Build a community around your product.
🔥 Build a strong Marketing Funnel.
🔥 Limit the number of sales during your launch.

  1. 1

    Hi Udit, impressive figures. Thanks for sharing the milestones.
    So if I understand correctly, pitchground is like appsumo but with only one deal at a time?
    I see you all the other deals are sold out except sync spider...
    Do you target other regions than English speaking countries?

    Congrats on the impressive track record.

    1. 1

      @nanatoni Thank you. We are actually very different than Appsumo. What you see is just our Front End. Behind the scene, we have a lot of other strategies in place to build subscriptions and enterprise sales :)

      1. 1

        Really? How are you different? Do tell:)
        We would like to offer a deal on our AI website and mobile app builder, how can I find out more about your services? Thanks

        1. 1

          @nanatoni Let's jump on a call this week? Can you shoot me an email: [email protected].

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