October 9, 2019

Generated 500+ leads in 3 days

Udit Goenka @uditgoenka

Most SaaS companies are still scared of using Facebook ads or doesn't know the power of Facebook Ads till date.

If you aren't using them then you are missing out.

We are about to launch SyncSpider, a "Zapier-like" app on PitchGround on a lifetime deal and wanted to quickly generate more leads.

Here are few important things:

  • Have a good budget.
  • Don't target the interest that everyone is targeting.
  • Split test.
  • Use CBO.
  • Use bots to semi nurture.
  • Focus on use case and not features.

We generated each of the leads at around $1.2 and we are now looking to spending another $2000 before our launch on 14th October on PitchGround.

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