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After spending a couple of months building Pixela, I'm happy to announce the launch today.
I've built Pixela to help you reduce ads cost and sell more using retargeting, so you'll retarget people clicking your shortened links. 🙌

☔️ The Problem
⚠️ Running your business where website retargeting is not possible; for example, Amazon store, Facebook page.
⚠️ The difficulty for placing the retargeting scripts in your website.
⚠️ Need to add your retargeting pixels in each link/reference of the content that you publish or share; for example, in Medium.
⚠️ Need to embed multiple pixels (Facebook, Twitter) in one place

🛠 The Solution
Pixela is a URL shortener that generates tracking links with retargeting pixels to capture your visitors, so you can retarget them later with tailored retargeting ads.
Basically, you can retarget anybody who clicks on your links.

Pixela is very straightforward, you can start using Pixela in less than 5 minutes.

👉 Features
✅ Generate tracking links with retargeting pixels.
✅ Tag people clicking on your tracking links. Reach them again with more ads.
✅ Integrated to all ads platforms such as Adwords, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, Pinterest and more.

📄 Product Url

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