Pixela V2 and BioLinks in ProductHunt

I'm happy 🎉 to announce Pixela V2 and BioLinks. We\'ve launched this new feature in ProductHunt 😻!.
☔️ Problem
After talking to our customers, we figured out what they needed next.
Some of our customers needed a way to quickly build micro landing pages.
Some of them also required to attach retargeting pixels to their landing pages.

We've been working on a new feature called BioLinks to turn any Bio Links into beautiful micro landing pages.
Start monetizing your Instagram, Tiktok, Clubhouse and Twitter accounts today by attaching retargeting pixels.

👉 BioLinks in Pixela
✅ Create micro pages for your Instagram, Tiktok, Clubhouse and Twitter Bio Links in minutes. It\'s super simple.
✅ Attach tracking links and retargeting pixels to your micro-pages.
✅ You can also setup your brand domain.
✅ Attach multiple links to your Bio Link. Connect your audiences to all of your content in one page.

Please, stop by ProductHunt 😻 and give us your support at https://www.producthunt.com/posts/pixela-v2

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