November 2, 2019

40 paying customers with $0 spent


I personally have a technical background, therefore, marketing and sales are not skills I have learned during my career or even at school. When launching Pixelixe, I did my best to find ways to acquire traffic and customers without spending a dime. The main reason being I wanted to validate product market fit and pricing before to invest in marketing.

Discover how I manage to get the first 40 paying customers of Pixelixe in this blog post :

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Today's Top Milestones
  • Launched the newsletter!
    The first weeks of the blog have been great! Got close to 1k unique visitors with more than 2 minutes of average retention time. All organic, not paid
  • New CrispPost app mock-ups
    Been a busy last few weeks. I've started talking to some potential customers to get a sense of what their needs are and what tools they currently use.
  • 🎉 Launched v2 of Hallway on ProductHunt!
    First the link :) We're super excited to launch V2 today. What started as a side project we built over a
  • #1 on Reddit, & Posting on Product Hunt
    Today I posted a short video preview of a small feature I added to Keyframes - it uses your device's orientation sensors to adjust the CSS box shadow.