November 12, 2019

Crossed $30k All-Time Revenue

Cory Zue @czue

I just checked my Place Card Me Dashboard and noticed that the revenue on the site just crossed $30k all time! As of this writing it's sitting at $30,045.00.

There's no magic recipe for how I got here and as you can see on the monthly breakdown it's just been slow and steady (and seasonal) growth over the last two and a half years.

Still, round numbers are fun and the continued growth of the product revenue is quite satisfying to look out from the zoomed out view (particularly for as long as the numbers continue to go up and to the right...).

Honestly, I've been complacent with Place Card Me for most of the year - primarily because I've been bored by it and focused on Pegasus. But that hasn't prevented it from continuing to grow and stay my most profitable product. As we start moving towards the end of the year where planning and reflection happens I can't help thinking that Place Card Me will probably play a larger part of my 2020.

In the meantime just thought it'd be fun to drop a little celebration here.

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