First Expansion Revenue!

Last week I added a new feature to let people generate table cards (basically a big sign you put on a table to show guests what table name/number it is ) in addition to their place cards.

In less than a week since the feature’s been live it’s been bought five times for a grand total of $15. Not exactly breaking the bank, but a good start to getting some money I never would have made otherwise!

In September I'm excited to see how my average revenue per customer changes. It's been stuck at exactly $5 for more than a year, but I think will start to climb a bit!

A few more details in my monthly retro: http://www.coryzue.com/writing/aug-2019/

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    Great idea Cory! Keep up the good work! Are traditional weddings as important in South Africa like the US?

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      Weddings are a huge deal almost everywhere in the world. Many places throughout Africa and much of the developing world people spend a disproportionately high percentage of their income on weddings, funerals and other events relative to the first world. South Africa is no exception (and also has a mixed demographic in terms of class / wealth).

      That said, my target market is definitely the first world. The majority of my sales come from the US despite me being based in SA.

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