September 15, 2019

A working MVP exists!

Frederic Gingras @kiasaki

I've been spending part of my free time on evenings and weekends building an MVP for PlainBackups.

At this point I am pretty happy to say that it covers my needs and more (I added MySQL support even if I don't see myself using it as I know a lot of prospective clients would), I've worked on getting somewhat of a homepage/landing page in place and an ready to start the hard work of putting the product in front of potential clients and listening closely to their feedback.

I don't want this endeavor to take up too much of my time as I have a great full time job that requires a lot of work & mind space but I think PlainBackups has the potential to be an easy sell if I can reach the right audience.

If you are not already backing up you databases or, like me, feel the need to have an extra failsafe on top of your hosting provider's backups give PlainBackups a try!

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