September 15, 2019

Decided to actually build a SaaS to completion

Frederic Gingras @kiasaki

I've wanted to build a SaaS of my own for as long as I had a career in tech but never actually launched something all those years.

Many ideas have come and gone and I've always been building prototypes, some rather complete with pricing pages & everything.

In the recent years I've been able to actually finish some products and still use them to this day, but never put the effort into asking money for them or marketing them as I didn't think many people would use this exact solution I came up with for my problem I am solving.

Today is the day where this changes, I have an idea that I think quite a few other early SaaS companies in the same boat as me could benefit from, I think it's worth the marketing & building effort as I see some potential customers and not too much competition.

PlainBackups is born.

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