July 16, 2020

First paying customers

Nebojsa Savicic @NebojsaS

Today we got our first paying customer, it's actually two of them and it's a great feeling!

If you think about it it's actually absurd, we managed to sell a product to people who don't know us, and it's a product that they could live without - when you think about it in this way it's really funny.

Now i might write a long post how we listened to our users and all that good startup stuff but to be honest, i am not really sure what lead to this - and i don't want to make a big deal out of it as it just might be an impulse buy since our product is on a pay per video basis of $15.

We did small, incremental improvements but nothing too big - i sent an email to every customer that we served and tried to see how can we help them in the best way.

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