May 27, 2020

Hit $1,000 MRR! Big step towards sustainability!

Marko Saric @markosaric

Big day for the two of us at Plausible Analytics!

We have now reached $1,000 in MRR for our simple, lightweight and privacy friendly web analytics tool. This is one big step towards sustainability. We wanted to thank the whole Indie Hackers community and all of our users for the support and trust!

We also just released a big performance update earlier in the week. You'll notice a faster loading time when viewing your dashboards. 3 seconds faster for the average site and for those with higher visitor numbers the difference will be even larger.

This update also means that we can now accommodate order of magnitude larger traffic numbers. If you have a large website with millions of monthly page views and want to test our alternative to Google Analytics, do sign up for a free trial.

Excited for the future!

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