June 11, 2020

We've just hit 200 paying subscribers!

Marko Saric @markosaric

It took us over 1 year to go from 0 to 100 and now in just 1 month, we went from 100 to 200 paying customers! Our recent growth has been amazing! Thank you to all who support and trust us!

Why did we grow so fast recently?

Affordable pricing, open source and a lightweight script (679 byte) are important aspects that make us stand out in this market but our fast growth can also be contributed to a change in the communication approach.

Starting in April, we positioned Plausible Analytics directly against the market leader (Google Analytics). We made it clear what we do better than Google Analytics. We were upfront by saying we don't try to replace Google Analytics for everyone but that we cater to these use cases instead:

Many website owners have some or all of these issues with Google Analytics. For them, Plausible Analytics is a much better solution. That's not all Google Analytics users (many are more than happy to use Google Analytics) but a decent percentage of them. This is our market and it helps communicate to that market when we are clear and upfront about our positioning.

Marketing activities that work for us

We will continue doing the marketing activities that are working so far:

  • Writing blog content about topics that are of interest to our target audience. Here's our content marketing approach
  • Not just write but also spread the word and promote our content to different channels. If we don't promote the content that we publish, chances are it won't be seen by many
  • Communicate and engage with the relevant communities including Indie Hackers and on our new Twitter account
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