February 6, 2020

5000 Words

Nick Haskins @nphaskins

I'm not sure if reaching 5000 words is worthy of a milestone, but it seems like it should be. There's still a lot left to go. If I were to estimate it now, it would be well over 25K words by the end.

It's taken a couple of days to get into the groove of writing, but I'm able to get a little done at a time after the days priorities are done (the day job). That leaves nights and weekends!

It's a challenge for me to write this eBook because there's just so much to cover. I don't want to get granular, but I also want to cover enough that the theory makes sense.

Anyways, I decided to just focus on finishing one chapter (eCommerce), and that's what I've been on for the last few days.

Reading some of the threads here on IH is inspiring because it reminds me how much of this tech I took for granted over the last 12 years.

I'm really eager to share this with everyone!

Today's Top Milestones
  • $5,000 MRR and $15,000 in revenue in 80 days!
    ![](https://i.imgur.com/Rw8hzjU.jpg) 80 days into Software Ideas, and we've hit the $5k milestone! $5k is significant, because it's the halfway to the
  • First 10 subscribers
    From Twitter traffic alone, apiarrow.com got its first 10 subscribers Here's the Tweet: https://twitter.com/ramykhuffash/status/1307962756621107200 I
  • Launched on Product Hunt 🚀
    I posted https://minimaps.io/ on PH today! https://www.producthunt.com/posts/minimaps I don’t have a large following so I’d appreciate any upvotes and
  • New SERP features are released!
    You can see the new SERP features in Screpy. - You can see related keywords now. Suggestions with the highest search volume for each word. - Check Key
  • New Tool: SERP Simulator
    The last few weeks I've opted for a slightly different direction. I parked the SSL dashboard stuff I was working on and worked with @alistairtweedie o
  • Launched a landing page optimisation blog 🍗
    I have now completed 150 landing page roasts. One of the biggest challenges I have is driving sales. There are lots of founders that want a service li
  • Venturing in the land of SEO
    My co-founder and I built various products over the years. Recently, we built (Organisely)[https://www.organisely.app], an appointment management syst
  • Launched on Product Hunt 🚀
    Hi Indiehackers 👋 ! I'm so thrilled to announce my first launch on Product Hunt 🚀🚀🔥 Misakey is a way to send encrypted professional documents and
  • First paid subscriber!
    After publishing over 50 free posts on Remotely Inclined, I began to look for ways to make the newsletter sustainable. I learned that people want more
  • Searching for the Unicorn Called Perfection
    Just one more tweak to the landing page. That headline is not quite right. Rewrite! My customers won't buy it if I don't have creditability. I can't l