February 22, 2020

Championing Rails in a World of JS

Nick Haskins @nphaskins

Each and every day I see another developer asking what JS library to use in their new product. I remain befuddled.

Because the applications that I've built over the last few years have some crazy interactive features. Real-time notifications. Drag and drop page builders. REST API's. All using the same tooling that we've had for nearly 15 years now.

Ruby on Rails is not a web developers first choice in tooling anymore, overshadowed by the shear popularity of JS. I'm out to change this, and it's given me a bit of a fire inside to make the final push to finish this eBook.

Today I hit 15K words, and so far it's looking to be about 60% completed. After the eBook draft is completed, I'll start working on the companion app, and I'm excited about that!

If you're interested in a simplistic and pragmatic approach to building amazingly interactive and powerful web applications, leave your email to be notified when the pre-sale starts.


Today's Top Milestones
  • $5,000 MRR and $15,000 in revenue in 80 days!
    ![](https://i.imgur.com/Rw8hzjU.jpg) 80 days into Software Ideas, and we've hit the $5k milestone! $5k is significant, because it's the halfway to the
  • First 10 subscribers
    From Twitter traffic alone, apiarrow.com got its first 10 subscribers Here's the Tweet: https://twitter.com/ramykhuffash/status/1307962756621107200 I
  • Launched on Product Hunt 🚀
    I posted https://minimaps.io/ on PH today! https://www.producthunt.com/posts/minimaps I don’t have a large following so I’d appreciate any upvotes and
  • New SERP features are released!
    You can see the new SERP features in Screpy. - You can see related keywords now. Suggestions with the highest search volume for each word. - Check Key
  • New Tool: SERP Simulator
    The last few weeks I've opted for a slightly different direction. I parked the SSL dashboard stuff I was working on and worked with @alistairtweedie o
  • Launched a landing page optimisation blog 🍗
    I have now completed 150 landing page roasts. One of the biggest challenges I have is driving sales. There are lots of founders that want a service li
  • Venturing in the land of SEO
    My co-founder and I built various products over the years. Recently, we built (Organisely)[https://www.organisely.app], an appointment management syst
  • Launched on Product Hunt 🚀 - I share my journey
    Hello IndieHackers, I'm super proud to announce the launch of Misakey 1.0 on Product Hunt! To celebrate this, I wanted to share my journey by preparin
  • First paid subscriber!
    After publishing over 50 free posts on Remotely Inclined, I began to look for ways to make the newsletter sustainable. I learned that people want more
  • Searching for the Unicorn Called Perfection
    Just one more tweak to the landing page. That headline is not quite right. Rewrite! My customers won't buy it if I don't have creditability. I can't l