January 20, 2021

Launched Pluckd Blog

Fernando Cordeiro @Brauhaus

We are launching our blog today! In it, leaders from our platform and guest writers will share their tips about how they are nurturing growth cultures in their companies.

This will also be important to start generating more traffic. SEO is hard, takes a long time to see traction so the sooner I start working on that the better!

This also forces me to research even further what my audience enjoys reading.

For the first post, I made a list: https://pluckd.co/blog/10-reasons-why-your-team-building-activities-fail/

As for the stack, the blog is built with Wagtail CMS. I was wondering whether I should have used Ghost or Wordpress instead, but ultimately I was already using Django and Wagtail would allow me to keep everything in a single codebase.