February 20, 2020

Podcast newsletter raised from the dead

Paul Metcalfe @pauldmet

Late last year, I killed off my business podcast recommendation newsletter, Podboxer. It felt like an intense amount of work and was only growing very slowly.

But, a few months later, I’m still (obviously) listening to podcasts and I’m still making some notes.

Why not carry on sharing them in an email to anyone who’s interested?

I also had all my previous recommendations and notes sitting on a mediocre website that wasn’t very user friendly. And, I’ve been waiting for the opportunity to build something in Webflow (only ever used wordpress in the past)

So, I’ve created my first Webflow site and am starting the newsletter again!

But, this time it’s a little different -

  1. I’m not viewing it as a thing that could create an income. It’s more of a casual side project. I’ll make the effort to grow it and, of course, only share episodes that are good. If it turns into a direct income stream great. But I'm not going to stress about it.

  2. The newsletter is 1x per week instead of 2x. This takes some pressure off and hopefully makes it more fun to do.

  3. I am going to focus more on the website as a resource for podcast episodes that help with specific topics (eg copywriting, paid ads, idea validation, email marketing etc etc.

If I’m not viewing it as an income generating project, then why do it? This is what I think:

  • It’s opportunity to make connections (I saw this before but didn’t appreciate how important it is).

  • It’s a website resource that is helpful for me too - I can refer back to it and send episodes to people when they are looking for advice

  • It forces me to listen and think about a podcast to make some notes. I learn more by doing this.

  • IF it does grow to enough subscribers, then maybe there are sponsorship opportunities (but not a priority).

As I killed the previous email list - I wasn’t expecting to come back to it so didn’t want to keep people’s data unnecessarily - I’m starting from zero subscribers.

So kind of going full circle but let’s see what happens!

(on a slight tangent, I’m quite proud of my first Webflow effort 😁 Still tweaks to make. What do you think? https://podboxer.com)

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