September 19, 2019

Launched on Product Hunt!

Kevin Natanzon @kevntz

We've just launched on Product Hunt! πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

Here's the launch post:

We believe we're launching too early. The 6-month constraint we set to work on this project has expired, so it’s time to launch. We wanted to be very transparent about the fact that we can’t continue working on it until 2020.

Most makers wouldn't launch like this. And I'm not even sure it's the best decision to launch either. However, I see many apps that never end up being launched, and the only way for us to work on a new project is by ensuring we can focus most of our time and energy on it.

Let's see what the community has to say about it. Would love to hear your feedback!

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    This is great stuff Kevin. how's product adoption going, are you seeing user sign-ups? I'm curious if listeners are loyal to their current podcast players, or if they're willing to branch out and trying something innovative like Podcast 9.

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    By the way, the IE podcast was a huge influence for us building it!

    There was one of the episodes where Courtland Allen chatted with someone on "product ADHD". Being able to focus on one product is key to success.

    Podcast 9 is designed for those who want to learn from Podcasts, that's why we also featured a snippet of the IE podcast on the launch video!